And the taxpayer shall support the irresponsible

The median weekly wage in the UK for a 40 hour working week is around £460.

Thirteen year old Alfie Patten and his fifteen year old girlfriend Chantelle Stedman have just made the headlines by having a baby. So how will it be supported? Very comfortably one would imagine if reports are to be believed.

Chantelle Stedman, at fifteen years of age, cannot collect benefits until she turns sixteen, but her mum can.

At a minimum, the family can expect to receive around £30,000 a year, or nearly £600 a week.

The mum will claim benefits to support herself and her four children (including Chantelle) as well as claiming on behalf of new-born Maisie.

The family may claim benefits on the basis that mum’s unemployed partner is a live-in member of the household and if they do, they could end up with:

  • Child Benefit: £72.80 a week.
  • Council Tax Benefit: £30 a week.
  • Child Tax Credit: Possible payment for the five Stedman children £221 a week.
  • Income Support: £94.95 a week.
  • Housing Benefit: £150 a week.
  • Total: £568.75 a week, or £29,575 a year.

Beats slaving for forty hours a week.

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