Drought restrictions eased in Málaga province

The Ministry of Environment has lifted the drought decree for the Valle del Guadalhorce, Málaga-Torremolinos and the Costa del Sol-Axarquía. However, it will be spring before a decision is taken to lift the decree on a permanent basis.

Recent rains, combined with restrictions on water usage throughout the province, have seen the levels in reservoirs rise to acceptable levels.

Although the drought decree has been lifted, there will still be limits in operation. The domestic limit for drinking water has been raised to 250 litres per capita per day and the limit for the watering of gardens is raised to 500 cubic metres per hectare per month.

For agriculture, the new limit (non-drinking water) for crops is 500 cubic litres per hectare per month and for fruit and vegetables it is 700 cubic litres per hectare per month.

The drought decree has been in effect in Málaga province since November 2nd 2005.

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