Plan Proteja projects in Rincón de la Victoria

There are so many ‘plans’ flying around at the moment designed to stimulate local economies that the local councils are being kept quite busy coming up with projects to spend the money.

In Rincón de la Victoria, the Council has now decided on projects to be covered by the Plan Proteja, works valued at around €1 million.

One of the major projects concerns calle La Corta, a road with a high volume of traffic, both motorised and pedestrian, which, according to the Council, is in desperate need of attention.

Other projects include improvements to traffic signalling, the creation of new green areas, repainting of road signs in avenidas Candelaria, La Torre, Axarquía and Mediterráneo, the installation of new pedestrian crossings, improvements to the sports facilities at Los Villodres and La Esmeralda and infrastructure works in calle Verdial.

There are twelve projects in total and the works are expected to generate 41 new jobs in the area.

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