Yes and no

Spanish man in world first as he prepares to give birth to TWINS

Well, yes and no. Like the American before him, Ruben Noe Coronado was actually born a woman and although now  ‘officially’ a man, retained the female reproductive organs. He interupted the sex change surgery to become pregnant.

His girlfriend, Esperanza, a mother of two, was told by doctors that she could not have any more children, so she and Ruben decided he should try to become pregnant with donor sperm after undergoing fertility treatment.

Transexual Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, is due to become a dad at the end of September.

Again, it must be yes, and no. Whilst he may have a piece of paper stating that he is ‘officially’ a man, he retains the female reproductive organs which must surely, in reality, make him a woman. Which means that being pregnant is nothing out of the ordinary.

Apart from anything else, it would seem that Ruben intends to make as much money out of the situation as he can.

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