Money well spent

There may be a recession going on, but Councils in the UK are still able to offer gainful employment in key areas for those with the necessary skills.

In Newcastle upon Tyne you could end up as a ‘breastfeeding peer support co-ordinator’ or a ‘composting supervisor’, but bear in mind the salary only runs to about £24,000 per annum.

If you’re looking more along the part-time lines, Falkirk has a ‘toothbrush assistant’, so maybe someone else is on the lookout for one. They also have a ‘cheerleading development officer’.

Glasgow have a ‘street mediator’ on £17,000 per annum, a ‘chewing gum removal labourer’ and a ‘florist’ on nearly €18,000 a year.

Moray Council pays nearly £20,000 a year for a ‘street football co-ordinator’, Windsor and Maidenhead employ a ‘roller disco coach’ and Angus have a £13,000 a year ‘bouncy castle attendant’.

Other essential jobs include a ‘befriending co-ordinator’, ‘flower arrangers’ and ‘ceremonial sword bearer’ and ‘chauffeur-butlers’.

No problem, though, it’s only taxpayer money after all.

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