17 arrested in drugs bust in Málaga

Seventeen people have been detained in an operation against drug smuggling between Morocco and Málaga. A further four people have been implicated in the investigation.

The group used a helicopter to smuggle the drugs from Morocco to Málaga, using a company specialising in aerial photography as a ‘cover’.

The investigation into the smuggling network began six months ago and was a joint operation involving the National Police and Guardia Civil.

The arrests took place in the provinces of Madrid, Girona and Málaga. The operation also resulted in the seizure of 2,720 kilos of hashish, one helicopter, nine vehicles, €20,000 in cash and a quantity of electronic equipment used to monitor police presence or jam radio frequencies.

The helicopter was used to transport the drugs from just outside Tangier to Casabermeja in Málaga province. The drugs were then transferred to various vehicles for the onward journey to other parts of Spain or Europe. Using a company specialising in aerial photography as a cover, the gang were able to easily obtain the necessary flying permits.

Twelve of those arrested have been detained in custody after appearing in court.

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