Attempted robbery in Torrox

Just before opening time the other day, thieves wearing ski masks and weilding weapons attempted to rob the Mercadona supermarket in Torrox Costa but ended up fleeing empty handed.

Two masked men, one with a large knife and the other with a gun, attempted to rob the supermarket just before it opened to the public. They entered the premises screaming at the staff to open the money boxes but were met with resistance. The staff did not engage in a struggle with the robbers but steadfastly refused to cooperate.

The thieves then decided to flee, not even managing to nick any food or drink on the way. They are now being hunted by the police.

Based on the fact that one of the robbers made no attempt to fire his gun makes them suspect that the firearm was a replica.

The shop opened as usual that morning and the general public were none the wiser about the events which had transpired earlier.

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