Restricted vehicular access to historic centre of Málaga as from Monday

As from Monday June 29th, access by vehicles to the historical centre of Málaga will be restricted. This project was announced by Málaga Council last February.

Residents and visitors will have one month to become accustomed to the new system, after that, offenders will start to be fined. The penalty has been set at €150 and a 4 point license deduction.

Access is only permitted for:

  • Residents who have requested permission and own or rent a garage in the area.
  • Hotel customers
  • People visiting a hospital
  • Entry into a car park
  • Commercial delivery vehicles
  • Taxis, motorbikes and bicycles
  • Public service vehicles

A system of barriers and cameras has been installed at 10 points in the area to regulate access. There are no tickets to enter at the barriers, it’s all done with cameras and license plates. Just point the front of the car towards the camera and it will read the number.

The access points are:

Cister (entry), Molina Lario (exit), Sancha de Lara (entry), Martínez (exit), Nosquera (entry from the highway) and Méndez Núñez (entry from Puerta de Buenaventura).

Residents who do not rent or own a garage will be permitted to park for 30 minutes for the purpose of unloading their shopping or for picking up relatives.

Businesses who resupply their own shop stocks will have an authorised vehicle.

Those purely accessing a car park, hospital, hotel or other accredited facility will not be required to provide details of their license plate in advance.

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