San Fermin

The sixth San Fermin bull run, which began at 08:00 this morning, was the longest, and probably the most dangerous yet, lasting around five minutes.

There were large crowds in attendance as well as many runners as the bulls, provided by the sevillana farm de Miura, began their trek through the streets.

The first encounter between the bulls and the runners, shortly after the start, was without major incident, but thast was not the case for the rest of the run.

One of the bulls, a 575 kilo powerhouse by the name of ‘Ermitaño’, became detached from the main group and began to enjoy his moment in the spotlight, ramming the fences and, at one stage, catching one of the runners with his horns and then flipping him up in the air.

The Sunday bull run is usually well attended with a lot of runners taking part and the bulls for this day are invariably from La Miura as these have a reputation for completing the course as a group and without major incident. However, nothing can ever be guaranteed and on this occasion, one of them, Ermitaño, did decide to have a bit of fun (revenge?) en route.

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