Investigation into the death of baby Rayán

A full investigation is being carried out into the death of baby Rayán at the Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid. Rayán was delivered by Caesarean section shortly before his mother died from Influenza A, the first such fatality in Spain.

Despite the risks, Rayán did not develop the disease and the prognosis was good. However, his life was tragically ended on Monday as the result of human error.

Nursing staff administered the special milk formula to the premature baby, born at 28 weeks, via intravenus injection (into the vein) rather than by nasogastric tube (through the nose). The result was that Rayán suffered a stroke and subsequently died.

Two members of the nursing staff at the hospital have been suspended and an autopsy is being carried out today, Tuesday.

Reports relating to the member of the medical staff responsible for the feeding of Rayán vary at the moment. A Union statement has said that the staff member was inexperienced in dealing with premature babies, was acting as a substitute and it was their first day in ICU.

A hospital statement said that the staff member was full trained, experienced and had been working at the hospital since December 2007.

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