Relocation of Children’s Painting Studio

The Children’s Painting Studio (EPI) has relocated to the Sala Mercado in Plaza de la Ermita.

Other entertainment activities, such as theatre, reading, music and dance currently take place at this location and the idea is to streamline these extracurricular activities and more easily allow children to participate in various different projects.

The EPI is a free activity provided by the Council, except for a €12.40 registration fee, and enrolment for the 2009/2010 season is now open. Those interested should pick up an enrolment form from the Department of Education and Culture at the Nerja Cultural Centre.

The EPI (Estudio de Pintura Infantil) began back in 1969 and in May of this year, an exhibition marking the 40th anniversary took place at the Sala Municipal in calle Cristo.

The classes teach such things as the use of brushes and colour combinations but does not teach drawing and painting in the strictest sense, the pupils having total creative freedom.

The classes are Monday to Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 and the teachers are Esperanza Ortega and José María Cecilia.

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