Fourth arrest in missing drugs case

The wife of a former National Police officer implicated in the disappearance of over 100 kilos of drugs from the police headquarters in Sevilla in 2005 has also been arrested, bringing the number of detainees in the investigation to four.

The drugs, heroin and cocaine, were stored under lock and key at the police headquarters in Sevilla but were removed, bit by bit, and replaced by substances closely resembling the drugs.

The two other people detained during the investigation, a man and wife, were stopped in the coastal village of Islantilla, near Lepe, Huelva province. Although having no visible form of income, the couple recently purchased a summer residence valued at €240,000.

The former police officer came under suspicion when, given his role in the UDYCO drugs and crime unit, he subsequently requested leave and set up a business selling used motorcycles and business and pleasure craft in Sevilla.

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