Speedy record

A new record in Switzerland as an Italian driver clocked up 15 motoring offences within 11 minutes. Normal in Italy, but a record for Switzerland.

The driver began his entrance into the record books by charging along at 100 kph in a 60 kph zone, following it up quickly with driving too close to the car in front, too close to the kerb and wandering across the central white line.

Failure to stop for a police siren, at a roadblock and at traffic lights added another three offences and he was on a roll. Another two speeding violations were followed by reckless driving and endangering life and then driving on the hard shoulder.

When he was finally brought to a stop at a roadblock he was also booked for driving under the influence of drugs, failing to drive with due care and attention, driving a car with no MOT and using a mobile telephone at the wheel.

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