Accident investigation

As with all cases of accidental death, the Guardia Civil is investigating the tragic death of 42 year old Sally Feelly, known locally as ‘Sally Scissors’.

Sally was out for a drink with friends when, according to witnesses, at 00:40 on Sunday night she caught her foot in a bag at her feet and fell. She fell forward onto a table which resulted in glasses being broken. She landed on one of the glasses and this was driven deep into her armpit towards her chest, causing massive bleeding.

The Emergency Services were alerted at 00:40 and at 00:45, two Local Police officers arrived on the scene and began to help to try and stem the flow of blood by plugging the wound with towels.

The ambulance arrived at 00:55, fifteen minutes after the initial call, and at 01:02, a call was logged from the ambulance to the hospital in Vélez-Málaga to inform them that they were on their way with a very seriously wounded patient.

Sadly, Sally died from cardiopulmonary arrest due to excessive loss of blood.

Our deepest sympathies to all her friends and relatives, especially her fourteen year old son.

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