Don’t get fooled

If you are a user of the various social networks, such as Facebook, you may have noticed an apparent increase in ‘phishing’ attempts to try and lure you to an obscure website and part you from your login information.

Seen quite a few in the past few days and some of them look almost genuine, logos and all. The general gist is saying that new security measures mean you need to log in and reset your password. Mmm.

As with all emails requesting you to check/update/verify your personal data, run the mouse over the supposed link and see what it says. Quite likely it says or somesuch nonsense and is to be avoided like the plague as it will either misdirect you to a spoof website or download a Trojan Horse onto your system and obtain the information it requires in that way.

Banks, credit card companies and most reputable businesses or organisations will never use an email to request verification or alteration of personal details, so don’t be fooled.

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