Tea is good for you…today

In the never ending round of one day something is good for you, the next day it’s not, the latest report by dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton claims that 8 cups of tea per day are good for you.

This latest research claims that the eight cuppas a day can can help fight heart disease, improve brain power and lead to longer lives.

Dr Ruxton reached her conclusion by comparing the results of 47 independent studies on the subject and states that caffeine contained in drinks can lead to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as making drinkers feel more alert and cheerful.

She found that the optimum caffeine intake for an adult was 400mg a day –  eight cups of tea or four coffees – and for children it was 95mg a day – two small cups of tea or one small, weak coffee.

This is not, of course, new scientific research, merely an analysis of other people’s research on the subject. There is also the question of funding for such research, not only in this case but many others. If, for example, it happened to be funded by the Tea Council….

One day milk is good for you, the next day it’s not, so it would not be a surprise for the next round of research to produce headlines like, ‘tea found to cause acne in gerbils’ or the like.

However, if there is some accuracy to the results, it sounds very much like I must make an effort to slightly reduce my caffeine intake via coffee from its current level…of around 25 cups.

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