The Andrea Inn

The Andrea Inn on calle Jaén, Nerja, changed hands at the end of October and has just reopened, so what better excuse to check it out!

The new proprietors are Marianne and Fredi, whom many will know from the Peña de Coches de Caballos down behind the Mercadona supermarket. The Peña, a good and cheap tapas bar, had to close due to the start of construction work ready for the new Health Centre.

The bar is now open from 09:30 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 23:30. It is fairly small, but big enough for a few tables and chairs, as you’ll see from the video.

There is no TV, which is a nice change and allows for a bit of good old banter. I was in a small bar in Frigiliana the other day which had a large flat screen TV on one of the walls. Only a couple of people in the bar and no-one at all interested in the gogglebox, but a guy wandered in from the street, turned the telly on, fiddled a bit with it and then promptly left the premises!

Hopefully it was someone to do with the bar and not some stray serial telly turner-onner, but he never once asked if anyone was interested in watching it. I digress, as usual.

I had a bottle of San Miguel and a tapa which set me back €1.50. A caña and tapa is a bit cheaper. Anyway, the tapas, apart from being very good, are on a par, size-wise, with those served in Sevillano on calle Chaparil, which makes it pretty good value.

Having only just opened, M and F were still busy with odd preparations, such as a few food photos for pinning to the walls. Fredi set the printer going and out came this beautiful picture (two, actually) of a serrano ham bocadillo on proper glossy photo paper. Marianne held it up for comments.

Two Spanish guys gave it the thumbs up, nodding wisely. ‘Great’, I said, ‘just one thing, though. Sorry to say it, but bocadillo has two L’s.’ Marianne passed the good news on to Fredi and a curse emanated from the kitchen and he came charging out to stop the printer.

The next few items were then ‘approved’ by all in the bar before the print button was actually pressed. We all had a good laugh about it.

The bocadillos on offer are LARGE, the sandwiches on offer are LARGE – you’ll be getting the idea about portion sizes by the end of this. Breakfasts are also served, as is a ‘menu del dia’ at €7.

So, nice friendly little bar and good value for money. The Andrea Inn is now included in the Nerja Tapas Guide and, of course, you can leave your own reviews, recommendations etc in that section, a great way of helping visitors.

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