Quite a shock

An American man, now 41 years old, was given up for adoption at birth. At the age of ten years, Matthew Roberts found out that he was adopted, but did nothing about it.

At the age of 29 years, he began to search for his biological parents, a task made a little easier since the advent of the internet.

Researching his family tree, and with the help of others, Matthew managed to trace his biological mother, a woman named Terry. The two began writing to each other, but his mother refused to give details about his father.

Then, slowly, details began to emerge and finally, Matthew found out who his biological father was….

Charles Manson!

His mother recounted how, in 1967, she had become captivated by Manson but, during a drug-fuelled orgy, had been raped by him. Nine months later, in 1968, Matthew was born. Charles Manson, still in prison, has apparently confirmed that he is the father.

Quite a traumatic discovery by Matthew Roberts. The only consolation is that could have been far worse, of course, it could have been Peter Mandelsson or Gordon Brown!

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