Bad influence

According to Professor Wilton:

It represents a conservative political ideology that punishes individual initiative, opposes critique and change, and relegates females to supportive roles.

OK, if it’s not NuLabour, then what is it?

Any attempt by the down-trodden workers to break out of this controlled hierarchy to gain individual power, show initiative or dissent is met with punishment, usually because it goes wrong.

Definitely not NuLabour then, they let everyone off.

Professor Wilton warns:

that such negative messages about society subconsciously gleened from the show may drive its young fans off the rails in later life.

So what on earth is going to have such a drastic, and bad, effect on the world as we know it?

Thomas the Tank Engine, of course.

The characters were created by Rev W V Awdry in the 1940’s in an attempt to entertain his son who was suffering from measles. Over 200 million books and 50 million DVDs of the series have been sold and the television programmes of the stories have been broadcast in 150 countries.

There’s not much you can say really….

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