Live-search and Goggles, the mind boggles

It seems that hardly a day goes by when there isn’t some new announcement or launch of a new application from Google as they continue along the path to world domination. And the domination of our everyday lives.

The Chrome Browser, Android phone system, a new Operating System, Google Wave, Street View, Google Goggles (try saying that after a few!) and now a ‘live’ search system for the Google search engine.

No need to refresh the page, new entries being added as they appear on the web. It includes not only the regular sites, but also the latest Twitterings and Facebook entries.

The real-time stream of data is shown within Google’s normal results page. The feature will also be available on smart phones, such as the iPhone and those running Google’s Android operating system.

Updates to the web become available in seconds, making them searchable right after they are posted and therefore making them available to anyone in the world.

The main Google search page now has an extended number of options and you can merrily switch between ‘regular’, ‘latest’, ‘past hour’ and numerous other choices depending upon exactly what you are actually looking for.

The live-search is competition for Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. Google currently has around 65% of the search market with Microsoft, who have done a deal with Yahoo, sitting at around 30%.

The company also unveiled Google Goggles, a new visual search feature that lets consumers use a picture instead of keywords as the search query.

The tool compares the image users have taken with Google’s database to return relevant information. This tool will also be available on the Android phone platform.

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