Eight arrested in connection with child pornography

Guardia Civil officers have arrested 8 people and charged a further 9 after the latest operation against child pornography.

Operation ‘Pitufo’ began last May after two people in Córdoba reported the existence of files containing pornographic material, some involving young children and babies, available on a file sharing network.

Once having identified suspected paedophiles, raids were carried out in sixteen provinces throughout Spain and twenty homes were searched. Police found thousands of pornograhic images, including those involving young children and babies.

The raids were carried out in Tarragona, Tenerife, Valencia, Madrid, Vizcaya, Almería, Oviedo, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Castellón. Murcia, Gerona , Córdoba, Pontevedra , Baleares and Ceuta.

This is the second major operation against child pornography within the past few days, with raids being carried out in Barcelona, Madrid, León, Castellón, Las Palmas, Málaga, Salamanca and Vizcaya as part of Operation ‘Nectarina’ in which fourteen people were arrested.

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