Best one yet

This just has to be the best one of the year so far and will probably take a lot of beating.

Michael Mancini was stuck in a queue of traffic. At a complete standstill and with the handbrake on, Mr Mancini reached for a tissue to blow his runny nose.

Enter PC Shiny Buttons, as he is apparently known in the force due to his rather zealous approach to his work, and the issue of a fixed penalty ticket for being ‘not in proper control of vehicle’. Not only a £60 fine, but three points on his licence.

This is the same police officer who, a few months earlier, handed out a £50 on-the-spot fine for ‘littering’ to an unemployed man who inadvertantly dropped a £10 note on the ground as he left a shop.

One man in the town was also cautioned for ‘laughing’ while at the wheel of a vehicle.

Mr Mancini has no intention of paying the fine which means he will be involved in an expensive court case. And some wonder why no-one has respect for the police force any more.

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