Police seize 4,000 kilos of hashish on Almayete beach

Cleaning staff at Almayate beach in Vélez- Málaga alerted the Local Police to suspicious activity on the beach and this led to the seizure of 4,000 kilos of hashish and the arrest of a 46 year old German national.

The cleaners noticed suspicious activity on the beach at around 05:00 on Sunday morning and alerted the police. When the police arrived they spotted a number of shadowy figures, two of them carrying bundles from a zodiac. The detainee was heading to a house in calle El Hornillo when he was stopped and arrested.

The zodiac headed out to sea after spotting the police officers. Several other people fled the scene and the police are now trying to track them down.

The detainee is a 46 year old German national, an illegal immigrant who lives in Almayete.

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