New computer system for courts

As from today, the 64 Criminal Courts in Andalucia will be linked via a computer system which will allow information sharing and should prevent judicial ‘blips’ such as cases whereby a person is released by one court because it was unaware of a search and arrest warrant issued by another court.

Over one million cases are currently recorded in the database of the new computer system and this information can now be shared between the different courts in the region.

In the future, this system will be expanded to all courts in Andalucia.

This is the first such system in Spain and the system is initially only accessible by judges, court clerks and judicial offices.

The system will also act as an ‘alert’ for the courts in respect of warrants about to expire, expiration of custody periods and details relating to gender violence cases. It should also prevent cases from being inadvertently shelved due to being forgotten.

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