One million euro reward offered for the discovery of the body of Marta del Castillo

An anonymous donor has put up a €1 million reward for information leading to the discovery of the body of Marta del Castillo, the teenager who disappeared, presumed murdered, in January 2009.

The reward, with conditions, is available for one month and has been offered on purely humanitarian grounds and for the purpose of bringing closure for the family of the missing girl.

Several searches, based upon the various statements of the self-confessed killer, have failed to deliver any results, the latest search being conducted earlier this week in the Camas area of Sevilla.

Although it is expected that the offer will attract callers with a morbid interest in the case, it is also hoped that the reward might prompt relatives or friends of any of those involved in the case to come forward.

The telephone number is 697 24 96 22 and is open as from today for anyone wishing to offer information as to the whereabouts of the body of Marta del Castillo. The reward would be paid out on the discovery of the actual corpse.

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