Nerja Greens want an eco-town

The Nerja Green Party has been laying down its ideas for the future of Nerja as an eco-town.

The Greens want to make Nerja an eco-town and integrate rural and urban structures with nature.
We want to make Nerja a Garden City with many trees and vegetation. We need to create a central park and parks in every area of the town. These areas need to have places for exercise & sport, children’s play areas, rooms for reading and study and designated areas for dogs and cats.

This is necessary to allow Nerja residents to achieve sustainability and a harmonious body and mind and quality of life that goes beyond the purely material …. There are things money cannot buy …..

Any urban element should be integrated into the landscape; bridges, communication networks, antennas, windowless walls.

The Greens support the bioclimatic house, sustainable architecture and integration of housing in the countryside.

If we integrate all the urban elements, (houses, bridges, electrical towers, mobile phone masts, ships, etc.) with the landscape and vegetation, choosing appropriate colours that work in harmony with the landscape we will get a beautiful Nerja. This will improve the town’s tourist image and will improve the relationship between the residents and their environment.

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