Too many sales and for too long

Summer sales, winter sales, Christmas sales, New Year sales; there always seem to be sales of one sort or another. Halfway through the ‘summer sale’ and many businesses in Andalucia would like to see a change, with such sales only lasting 15 days or perhaps one month.

According to research, consumers in Andalucia are spending an average of €70 during the sales, the recession taking its toll on consumer spending power. In addition, it would seem that the majority of purchases during a ‘sale’ are made in the first ten days, hence the desire to see the sales periods reduced.

The weather is cited as another factor with sales, the hot summer not being the time when people want to spend a lot of time shopping.

Traders are already seeing a 5% decline on expected sales and are now looking forward to autumn and an anticipated surge in sales and income.

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