I’m a celebrity airhead, get me out of here

Senior Las Vegas police officers have been defending the rapid release from prison of socialite Paris Hilton after she was arrested on August 27th for suspected cocaine possession.

Miss Hilton was in and out of the Clark County Detention Centre in under three hours, roughly half the average time it takes to process crime suspects. Many take a lot, lot longer.

The man who runs the jail,  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Deputy Chief Jim Dixon, admitted that Paris Hilton was rushed through the booking process in order to get her out of the prison as soon as possible and avoid disruptions. Rumours that other inmates standing next to the socialite could hear the sea and were becoming nauseous have proved to be without foundation.

paris Hilton was arrested after she opened her purse in front of a police officer and a small bag of cocaine fell out. Her defence is that neither the bag nor the purse were hers. Something about limbs and pulling the other one spring to mind.

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