Vélez-Málaga once again studying the use of CCTV

The Mayor of Vélez-Málaga has resurrected the idea of installing CCTV cameras in various parts of the municipality to combat delinquency, particularly in connection with a proposed new transport scheme.

In September, a plan was proposed to operate a sort of bicycle loan scheme for residents of the municipality. One hundred bicycles would be made available at ten different points within the municipality. Upon payment of a deposit of €30, residents would obtain a username and password and this would then allow them to use the bicycles at any time.

A study of similar systems in other towns and cities has revealed that they have all suffered the theft of a large number of bikes and to reduce the risk, the Council wants to install CCTV at the bicycle stations.

It is not the first time that the use of CCTV cameras has been proposed in the municipality. Last year, the Local Police produced a study with the intention of determining the number of cameras needed in the municipality for strengthening surveillance and to ensure rapid action in case of emergency, to assist with traffic problems and even prevent vandalism in certain urban areas.

The Council is currently considering the use of CCTV not only for the bicycle system but also for use in all municipal buildings.

Installing CCTV, however, is not an easy matter as there are very strict criteria involved and it requires approval from the Supervisory Board of the High Court of Justice in Andalucia (TSJA).

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