The wrong sprog, Grommit

In Örebro in central Sweden, a grandfather who had apparently agreed to pick up his grandchild from a daycare centre managed to take the wrong child home with him, prompting the school to review its procedures.

The grandfather went to the Hasselmusens nursery school in Varberga to pick up his 3-year-old granddaughter and promptly left with the wrong child, only realizing his mistake later that afternoon.

Eventually realizing the child he had with him was not his granddaughter, the man contacted the school and went back to return the child. When he arrived, the child’s parents were waiting, as were the parents of the child the grandfather was supposed to have picked up.

Perhaps even more alarming in this strange case was the revelation that the girl who the grandfather picked up by mistake didn’t actually have a maternal grandfather, a fact which had not been passed along to the teachers at the school.

The young girl obviously thought nothing of going off with a complete stranger. Fortunately, nothing untoward occurred, apart from a few palpitations for the parents of the girl, but it makes you think.

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