Some real news is always good to liven up the day

Stunning news in the Daily Wag and Cleavage.

Kate Middleton braves the snow in her favourite pair of black suede boots.

There must be half a dozen snowflakes in the picture.

The 28-year-old is facing unprecedented scrutiny in the sartorial stakes…

In other words, the DM’s Armpit, Cellulite and Wardrobe Malfunction Squads are on full alert. No ‘Nose Squad’, however, they permanently follow Lily Allen and Amy Winebottle.

The knee-highs have long been a staple in Miss Middleton’s wardrobe, having worn various pairs countless times over the years.

How gauche. She won’t be allowed to wear anything twice in the future without being villified in the press.

She’s set to become Britain’s next fashion icon…


some fashion observers have suggested it may be time for her to ‘ditch’ the boots…

Oh, it has already started. How about some open-toed, sixteen inch heels, and a nice lbd cut to the knees front and back for those cooler days, that should suit them to a tee.

Heaven help the poor lass if she ever peeps out from behind the curtains wearing anything other that a full-length evening dress.

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