Argument has fatal consequences in Frigiliana

An argument about the ownership of some farming implements led to a brawl and the death of one person in the small town of Frigiliana, Málaga province.

The incident took place last Thursday at a farm in Fuente Santa on the outskirts of the town.

The victim, 50 year old Agustin, who was born in Madrid but had been in Frigiliana for the past decade, was apparently working in the fields when a local German resident, initials M.G.B. and known locally as ‘Zapatones’, arrived and began taking farming tools for harvesting olives.

An argument broke out and this developed into a fight with Agustin being badly beaten. His partner, a German woman, took him to the Health Centre in Nerja and he was then rushed to the Hospital Comarcal in Vélez-Málaga and then from there to the Carlos Haya hospital in Málaga.

He was suffering serious internal bleeding and spent two days in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit but died from his wounds on Saturday afternoon.

Upon hearing that Agustin was hospitalised, M.G.B. turned himself in to the Guardia Civil in Nerja and was promptly arrested on suspicion of causing injuries leading to death, although no official complaint had been made.

‘Zapatones’, divorced and with two children, is well known in Frigiliana, living in a camper van on the outskirts of the town. He has previously been involved in ‘discussions’ with other residents about the theft of farming implements and was previously denounced for the theft of a vehicle for the alleged purpose of stealing fruit and selling it illegally.

M.G.B. has been handed over to the Court in Torrox.

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