Pedestrianisation projects in Torre del Mar

There are plans to make the southern end of calle Del Mar in Torre del Mar a ‘pedestrian only’ area, the are a affected being between Cuatro Esquinas and the promenade. The section of calle Del Mar between plaza de la Axarquía and Cuatro Esquinas will remain open to traffic.

The Council intends to use the same company who, just four years ago, renovated calle del Mar at a cost of €1.5 million. The mayor hopes that the project can be carried out without having to dig up the entire road again.

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, also announced plans to renovate plaza de la Axarquía, renovate the old fortress and, at a later stage, carry out the pedestrianisation of calle Princesa.

Another pedestrianisation project, on the Camino de Málaga, is also in the planning but this is dependent upon the construction of a second underground car park at El Pozancón.

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