Another plan to search for the last resting place of Federico Garcia Lorca

The authorities in Alfacar are studying a request by researcher Miguel Caballero to carry out geotechnical studies in the area known as Almegíjar in an attempt to locate a Civil War mass grave which could contain the remains of Federico Garcia Lorca.

The site is close to an area where a fruitless search was carried out two years ago. The falangist journalist Eduardo Molina Fajardo discovered a mass grave in this area in the 1970’s after speaking to numerous witnesses.

Now, Miguel Caballero has cross-referenced data from that find with other data obtained from historical and military archives and believes the site could contain, amongst others, the remains of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Miguel Caballero has written several books about Lorca, including one about the hours prior to his execution in August 1936, and now wants to make geotechnical studies of the area. He has the permission of the land owner and is now waiting for permission from the authorities in Alfacar.

Caballero is set to submit a new letter to Alfacar Council on Monday as it has been three months since his original request and he has not received a reply yet.

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