New rules for taxis come into effect today

Today sees the introduction of the new regulations relating to licensed taxis in Andalucia, of which there are around 10,000.

As from today, licenses are linked to a particular individual and specific vehicle and the owner may not lease or assign said license to anyone else.

The awarding of licenses will be on a competitive basis and the licensee must have a valid driving license and be paying Social Security. In municipalities of over 5,000 inhabitants, the license holder must be fully and exclusively dedicated to the profession and have no other employment.

There is also provision for an ‘area’ system whereby the taxis will be permitted to operate in any of the included municipalities. This system requires the approval of at least two-thirds of the municipalities within any given area.

Vehicles may not be more than two years old at the time a license is obtained.

Another provision provides for the gradual adaptation of vehicles for the transportation of people with disabilities.

Rates for taxis will continue to be set by the municipalities.

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