Two dead in gas explosion in Mondragón

Two people died and a third was very seriously injured after a house collapsed in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa) following an explosion caused by a propane gas leak.

Villagers in nearby Argi Errota heard and felt an explosion at around 03:15 but assumed it was part of the rail works being carried out in the area and as a result, the Emergency Services were not notified of the incident until 07:15.

It took four hours to search through the rubble and locate the victims.

Those who died were 65 year old José Ignacio Uriarte and his 57 year old unmarried sister-in-law. Izaskun Arana, husband of José Ignacio Uriarte, suffered very serious injuries and is on a ventilator in hospital.

The farmhouse was totally destroyed in the blast, not a wall standing.

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