Cooler temperatures expected

According to the meteorological office, cloud, rain and cooler temperatures will return to much of the peninsular tomorrow, Tuesday May 14th, and will continue through the weekend before stabilising once more.

The arrival of a cold air mass in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere, coupled with the increased spring sunshine, heats the layers of air closer to the ground to increase  atmospheric instability.

This will lead to cloudiness in many areas of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, often accompanied by heavy showers and storms.

The showers and thunderstorms are expected to arrive on Tuesday 14 in many inland areas of the Peninsula, and can be locally heavy, especially in the middle of the day and evening.

On Wednesday the 15th a cold front will cross the peninsula from north to south producing a noticeable drop in temperatures and leading to a colder, but still unstable, air mass.

The situation should become more stable after the weekend.

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