Brazil 3-0 Spain

Italy showed the way to beat Spain but failed to put away their chances. Brazil adopted the same approach and duly took their chances, showing their intent with a goal within the first two minutes, Fred the scorer.

Neymar added a second before Fred grabbed his second of the night and it was Brazil who lifted the Confederations Cup for the third time in a row.

Piqué was sent off early in the second half for a professional foul and Spain had to struggle on with ten men. And struggle they did, although they managed not to concede any more goals and the match finished 3-0 in Brazil’s favour.

Spain did not have the fluency we have come to expect and two players in particular, Arbeloa and Mata, had complete nightmares and it came as no surprise when they were substituted.

Brazil exerted pressure for ninety minutes, as did Italy before them, and the Spanish defence crumbled time and time again. Coach del Bosque will no doubt have some stern words for the players in general and the defence in particular.

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