Tom Clancy dies aged 66 years

Best-selling author Tom Clancy has died at the age of 66 in a Baltimore hospital near his Maryland home. Clancy wrote a series of best-selling spy and military thrillers and his 17th novel, Command Authority, is due out in December.

The Hunt for Red October (1984) was Clancy’s first published novel and it sold more than five million copies. Several of his books featuring CIA analyst Jack Ryan have been adapted into successful Hollywood films. In total he wrote or co’wrote twenty books.

As well as a successful writer, Clancy was also closely involved with the world of video gaming and in the 1990s he founded Red Storm Entertainment, later bought by Ubisoft for an undisclosed sum, which developed games based on Clancy’s ideas.

Blockbuster video game titles bearing his name included Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.

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