Man arrested on suspicion of setting fire to former partner

The National Police in Málaga are investigating the case of a 42-year-old woman who suffered serious burns at her home on Sunday and have detained her former partner on suspicion of involvement in the incident.

The incident occurred on Sunday night in the Trinidad area of Málaga city, several neighbours reporting that a woman had come out of her home on fire. After being stabilised, the woman was rushed to hospital where she remains in a serious condition.

The woman suffered second and third degree burns to 27% of her body, particularly the head, chest and upper limbs. At the scene, the woman told police that she was alone in the house and had caused the injuries herself, inadvertently spilling acetone overhelself and that a cigarette she was smoking had ignited it.

However, police became suspicious when the face of another woman appeared temporarily at the door of the victim’s apartment. When she saw the police she immediately closed the door again. The police managed to gain entry to the apartment and during a search they found a man in the bedroom who was allegedly trying to hide some items under the bed. The items were a bottle of acetate, a lighter and a knife.

The man, apparently the former partner of the victim, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident. While searching the house, the woman who had briefly opened the door had been left in the living room, but by the time police returned from searching the other rooms, she had absconded from the apartment.

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