New Plan for Quality Tourism 2014-2020

The Andalucian Government Council has given the green light  to a new Plan for Quality Tourism 2014-2020 with a budget of €20 million to promote tourism on the basis of quality, accessibility and sustainability.

The aim of this Plan is to strengthen the competitiveness of the region as the ‘leading destination’ and includes measures for the implementation of good management practices, the use of new technologies in business management, traveller protection, improving employment in the sector and promoting tourism based upon respect for the environment.

The Plan consists of three main approaches: excellence, innovation and training and coordination and dialogue, with nine specific programmes.

One of the main priorities of the new strategies to boost the number of quality certifications, such as the Q for Quality, Blue Flags, European Certificate for Sustainable Tourism and the Andalucia Natural Park Brand.

Currently, Málaga has the largest number of certifications with 685, followed by Sevilla with 310 and Cádiz with 274.

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