Gang of burglars arrested

National Police officers have arrested five Romanian nationals, three men and a woman, thought to be involved in at eat ten robberies from villas in various parts of Málaga province.

The detainees are aged between 32 and 48 years and each had a specific responsibility within the gang. One was responsible for transportation, surveillance and security, another was responsible for breaking into the premises and the woman was in charge of the looted goods.

One of the robberies allegedly perpetrated by the gang was on a villa in Coín in which they made off with items valued at €150,000. Other robberies were carried out in Benajarafe and Málaga city.

In raids on various homes, police found an array of jewellery, TVs, game consoles, computers and other items. They also found 87,000 euros in cash buried in a garden.

The four men have been remanded in custody, the woman has been released on bail.

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