Tram units undergoing maintenance

Engineers from CAF, the company that built the trams used, for a short time, in Vélez-Málaga have spent the past couple of weeks servicing the units following their return from Australia.

The units were leased to the city of Sydney, Australia, for an annual fee of €200,000 after the local government closed down the service due to financial problems.

The Tranvia tram system cost €30 million, excluding the actual units, and was the first modern tram system to start working in Andalucia. It was also the first to stop working.

Despite the fact that the units are being overhauled, the Council has no plans to resurrect the service unless the Junta de Andalucia agrees to 75% of the losses incurred by the economically non-viable project.

In addition, the Council has no amounts set aside in the 2015 budget for the service and much of the infrastructure in a serious state of decay or, in some cases, badly damaged.

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