Ho’oponopono workshop

There is a Ho’oponopono workshop being held in Nerja on Sunday 3rd May 2015 from 14:00 to 18:00.

Nerja – Ho’oponopono workshop

Date: Sunday 3 May 2015 from 2pm-6pm

Venue: Carabeo Nerja

Fee: €75

Description: Ho’oponopono, is the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness and acceptance process that allows letting go of all such things as anger and resentment and perceptions we hold about ourselves and others.

Ho’o means “to make” and pono means (“right”) and ponopono means making it right both ways. The ancient Hawaiians believed that refusing to forgive only hurts the person who does not let go of the resentment. Gain a sense of inner peace and calm and enjoy life more. Heal up all your past relationships and with everyone in your life.

Contact: [email protected] 711 771 972

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