Flamenco competition

The cultural organisation Ventana Abierta is organising the III Young Voices of Flamenco competition which takes place from on July 18th 2015 in Plaza del Olvido, starting at 22:00.

The first prize in the competition is €1,000 and a sculpture by local artist Paco Jiménez and the second prize is €300, courtesy of Cafe Cavana.

The gala will be presented by Enrique Carol Bernal and the official guitarist is Agustín de la Fuente. The finalists are: Carmen Fernández Guerrero from Ardales, Francisco Blanco Burgos ‘El Calerito’ from Cala de Mijas, José Antonio Conejo Melgarejo, ‘Niño Chaparro’, from Málaga, Josefina Colmenero Escribano, ‘Fina Colmenero’, from Torre del Campo (Jaén) and Alfonso León Carvajal, ‘Alfonso León’, from Adamúz (Córdoba).

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