Atajate is a tiny municipality in the Serrania de Ronda and is located between two picturesque valleys, the Rio Genal and the Rio Guadiaro.

Olive groves, grain fields and vineyards are numerous but there are also a number of oaks, including the cork oak.

The village is, obviously, Moorish in style and design, and is perched on the slopes of El Cerro del Cuervo and is over 700 metres above sea level. Two peaks shelter the village, El Cuervo itself (782 metres) and Peñasblancas (1,076 metres).

The village was virtually destroyed by the French army during the Napoleonic invasion and most of the inhabitants fled to neighbouring areas. At roughly the same time, bandits discovered that Atajate made a good place to hide out after robbing stagecoaches travelling through the area.


Area: 11 square kilometres
Altitude: 750 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 150
Distance from Nerja: 198 km
Driving Time: +/- 3 hours

Average temperature: 14.5 degrees
Average rainfall: 1175 litres per square metre

Natives: Atajateños


Places of Interest

XVIII Iglesia de San Roque

The church was built in the XVIII Century but underwent extensive rebuilding in the XIX Century. It is simple in design with a baroque facade. The tower, with a square base, has four levels with the top one being octagonal and covered with a ceramic roof.

Ruins of an ancient defensive tower known as the Torre de la Santa Cruz.

Ruins of ancient caves where various artefacts, such as axe heads, have been found. No cave paintings.

General panoramas and beautiful scenery. On a clear day you can see the peaks of the Rif mountains in North Africa.

Local Festivals

Semana Santa (Easter Week)

Dia de la Cuz (May 1st)

Festival de San Roque (August 16th to 18th)

Fiesta del Mosto (November 30th)

Local Cuisine

Specialities include: Gazpacho Caliente (Hot soup), Gachas  (Soups made with flour), Gazpachuelo (Chilled soup), Piñonates (A sweet containing pine nuts), Enreaillos(A very local pastry speciality) and Quesos de almendras (Almond candy).

Where to Stay

Hostal Meson de la Sierra
Ctra. Ronda – Algeciras, Km.16
Tel: 952 18 01 65
Email: [email protected]

Cortijo Casa Antonia
Tel: 952 18 00 49
Email: [email protected]

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