The name Iznate is derived from the Arabic Hisnat (castles) or Hisn Aute (Aute Castle) and this small town is presumed to have been founded during the Arab occupation of the area. According to one historian, it is not far from here that the famous Morisco rebel Omar Ben Hafsun was born. (see Famous Andalucian Bandoleros).

Iznate was captured by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487 and was one of the main centres of the 16th century Morisco rebellion which resulted in the definitive expulsion of remaining Moors from the Axarquia. After the revolt, the town lay abandoned until 1574 when it was repopulated by families from other areas. A Book of Foundation kept at the Town Hall has a list of the 59 families who originally came to the town with details of their names, ages, place of origin etc.


Area: 7 square kilometres
Altitude: 303 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 900
Distance from Nerja: 35 km
Driving Time; +/- 40 mins


Places of Interest

16th century Iglesia de San Gregorio VII

Fuente de Palsonada

Fuente Árabe

Fuente Del Encime

Fuente Los tres Deseos

Fuente Moguera

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Ajoblanco (chilled garlic soup with almonds, bread, oil and vinegar), Potaje de Garbanzos con Acelgas (hot egg soup seasoned with vinegar or lemon), Hornazos, Tortillas de Bacalao (cod omelettes), Sopa de Maimones, Sopa de Ajo. Muscatel wine is the local tipple. Tends to be sweet.

Local Festivals

Three Kings (January 6th)

Carnival (February)

Virgen de los Dolores (Friday before Easter)

San Antonio de Padua (June 13th)

Fiesta de la Uva Moscatel (First Saturday in August)

Las Candalarias (September 8th)

Fiesta del Invierno (December)

Useful Info

Tourist Office

calle Vélez 20
297792 Iznate
Tel: 952509776
Fax: 952509798
[email protected]

Where to Stay

Apartmentos Puerta La Martina
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509839

Casa Rural La Noria
calle Portillo 25
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509780
Fax: 952509780

Casa Rural Enrique
calle Pilar 35
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952535642

Casa Rural El Chorillo
29792 Iznate
Tel: 902100075

Casa Rural Ana Mari
calle Portillo 35
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952535642

Cortijo las Claras
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952540914

Cortijo La Panzona
29792 Iznate
Tel: 902100075

Cortijo Jacamón
calle Pilar 4
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509825

Where to Eat

Restaurante Andalucía
calle Vélez s/n
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509926

Puerta La Martina
29792 Iznate
Tel: 620952809

El Peke
calle Alhóndiga s/n
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509847

Hermanos Tejada
calle Vélez 15
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509814

Venta La Loma
Ctra Iznate-Cadiz km3
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952115779

calle Enmedio s/n
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509660

Puerta La Martina
29792 Iznate
Tel: 952509839
Internet access

Mesón Los Callejones
calle Viñeros
29792 Iznate
Tel: 616392672
Tel: 626362363

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