San Juan (June)

This festival is held on the night of June 23rd/24th and is a time when everyone goes to the beach, many camping overnight.

People start staking their claim to a spot on the beach several days in advance, and by the time the actual fiesta day arrives, the beaches tend to be a sea of canvas. Tents, awnings and bizarre constructions cover the sands, quite a sight.

There are bonfires, fireworks and at midnight it is traditional to dip ones feet (or swim!) in the sea to ‘wash away one’s sins’ and bring good fortune for the future.

Burriana beach normally hosts a few organised events, concerts and the like, and sardines, cooked on open fires, are available to anyone who wants them.

El Playazo beach, which gets absolutely packed, is less formal and the entertainment is more ‘home grown’, individual parties all along the length of the seashore. There are, nonetheless, bars along the beach offering entertainment.

June 24th is a holiday in Nerja, so most people stay on the beach all day (and night), maybe even the next day, too!


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