In addition to the regular festivals celebrated in most towns and villages throughout the year, the village of Maro has a couple of extra local fiestas.

Fiesta de San Antón (Maro) (Jan 16th/17th)

This is a celebration in honour of the patron saint of Maro and protector of
animals, San Antón.

The fiesta has its roots in the 17th century and begins with the lighting of the traditional bonfires or ‘lumbres’. Fireworks abound in thanks to the patron saint for protecting the animals and there is a procession through the streets on the second day.

Semana Santa (Easter – Holy Week in March/April)

Feria de Las Maravillas (September 7th to 9th)

Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato (October 31st)

The Fiesta de la Castaña (chestnut) y el Boniato (sweet potato), which dates back to 1878, takes place at the end of October, normally the 31st, although dates can vary from town to town.

In Maro, the fiesta is on October 31st and is a well attended event. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, aniseed liqueur….What more could you ask? The atmosphere is very ‘cosy’ or ‘friendly’, probably due to the fact that it is a small community, and it is an event which should definitely be on your list.

For the past couple of years, this fiesta has been combined with Halloween under the name ‘Maroween’.

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