Registering on the Town Hall Census (‘padrón’)

It is very important to register on the census of the Town Hall if you live approximately 6 months (or more) in Spain.

Why register?

All services of the Town Hall will be increased: i.e. more doctors, hospitals, police, refuse collection, street cleaning, schools, chemists etc. The more inhabitants registered, the more funding the Town Hall will receive from the central and regional governments. Another significant advantage is that you will be able to vote in local elections.

Everyone benefits from the services provided (Police, Ambulatorio, Street Cleaning etc) and by registering we might increase the ratio of services to population and it could mean more doctors or even a hospital.

Registering is easy, just go along to the Town Hall with your passport and either your escritura (house title deed), rental contract or an electricity/telephone bill.

It is also possible to register other people (apart from family members) living at the one address on the local ‘padrón’. A form needs to be filled out with details of the person in charge of the house (the owner or person under whose name the rental contract is registered) and giving their authorisation to allow other people (listed on the form) to have their ‘padrón’ registration listed under that name and at that address.

The person making the authorisation has to take the form to the Town Hall for processing and it can usually be collected the next day.

Confirming registration on the Population Census (Padrón)

Renewal of the padrón entry is now required every 2 years, failure to do so will result in your name being removed from the census register.

To renew your Padrón registration is straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes at the most.

You can either go to the multi-purpose counter on the ground floor of the Town Hall Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 13:30, or to the Foreigners Department on Mondays or Thursdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

To renew your inscription, all you need is your NIE or Residence Certificate, a photocopy will suffice, a passport or some sort of official bill (rates, electricity etc) in your name.

Persons registered on the Padrón will have the following benefits

  • Reductions at the Municipal Swimming Pool and in all sport activities of the local Sports Stadium
  • Obtain a parking space at the Verano Azul municipal parking for €30 per month if you have been on the Padron for a minimum of one year.
  • Reductions on the general rates IBI receipt.
  • Registration of children at schools.
  • Vote in the Local Elections or even present yourself as candidate.
  • Vote in the European Elections.

Pensioners registered on the Padron, will also have the following benefits

  • Reductions on the local bus by presenting a Padron certificate, volante, and a colour photo to the Verano Azul office (behind the Monica Hotel in Calle Chaparil).
  • Ability to apply for the 65 Card, Tarjeta 65, and benefit from reductions on buses to Malaga and other cities of Andalucia, glasses, hearing aids, panic button assistance, entry to Selwo, etc.

To obtain the 65 card you must be:
1) Registered on the Padron.
2) Over 65 years old.
3) Have a Resident card or certificate (a green card or sheet).

Forms are available at Nerja Foreigners Department.

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